In-Reach Ministry

In Christianity, ministry is an activity carried out by Christians to express or spread their faith, the prototype being The Great Commission: “Go into all the world and teach what I have taught you.”


So, how do I participate in that Commission? I cannot go “into all the world”. How do I participate in that imperative, “Go!”?


Perhaps we can change the verb and say “Do!” instead of Go.


Within your church community are those who cannot attend church. I know, they can access the services through LiveStream. However, that is not the same as physically present with a fellow member. That may be your Go! You probably have a standing invitation, and don’t even know it.


Your voice is easily made present with a friend – over the telephone. Maybe you’re good with Phone Ministry work.


The Postal Service offers on-the-spot connections. Purchase a few general Note Cards with envelopes. Each week at church, look around to note the absentees. The church secretary can give you the mailing address should you not have it in an old Church Directory. Write a brief note with a “Take-Away Message” from Sabbath School or the sermon. Offer some encouragement with a Bible nugget or a Spirit of Prophecy gem.


Pray for Divine guidance as you enter the Ministry.

If you already have a ministry, share it with another member so that your efforts are multiplied.

With a membership of 500 or so, and an attendance of 100, there’s plenty of room for In-Reach Evangelism.

Go! Do!