In-Reach Ministries

Evangelizing the members opens the way for relationships to be created – friendships made or strengthened.


Social gatherings foster friendships:

Potlucks, birthday celebrations, open-mic vespers, table games evenings in the gym, Sunday-morning Gardening around the church/school, small-group hiking of the UWF boardwalk, or the beach, or Tarkiln boardwalk.


Our church family includes many for whom strenuous efforts will likely not attract their interests. So we need to create a calendar that includes a variety of physical abilities.


Shared spiritual interests, needs, and efforts also create friendships.

Friendships create unity.

Unity feeds the soul of the church.


Our church family oft-times feels out-of- touch, especially with the pandemic restrictions in place. It is the author’s opinion that the devil is actively involved in the illnesses and fear of illnesses that is keeping members absent from Sabbath services.


This makes some Out-reach/In-reach even more important to the health of our congregation. So far, no one has placed restrictions on phone use.


Phone Calls

If you don’t have phone numbers of church members, I’m sure the lack can be remedied.

Then, pay attention to who is absent on Sabbath morning. Create a list that you can use in the afternoon to check-in with the absent members. Share details about the Sabbath School Lesson discussion, the sermon, the friends that were present. Have prayer and encourage them to be present next week.


Encouragement Cards

Buy or create some “Missed You” cards. Get addresses from the church office and mail to those who were absent. Include a bulletin.