In-Reach #2

Last week’s focus ended with “Encouragement” ; we continue with that for this week.

Visitation (Encouragement through Visitation)

Physical presence is even better than cards and phone calls – for many people.

Take a friend and visit some who missed church.

My wife would say, “Just show up!”

I would say, “Call ahead first!”

Not everyone has the social skills and conversation gifts that make impromptu visitation do-able. Those of us who don’t have such skills need to pair up with the gifted.


Prayer Support is an activity that has only one requisite skill: Willing to pray.


It is my observation that there are 3 Kinds of Prayer:

1) 9-1-1 Emergency… when the need is obviously past the intervention of a friend:

Physical illness that is life-threatening;

Emotional extremes that need a professional/therapist;

Spiritual rebellion that is knowingly pursued.


2) Systematic – the routine of private devotions:

Just you and God talking with each other.

A pattern of talking with God based on your friendship and personal needs.


3) Intercessory for known needs- beyond the routines of private prayer.

Encouragement for yourself in times of stress and discouragement.

Healing for yourself or a friend. When you are certain that healing is the will of God.

For Felt Needs of another individual;

Perhaps someone who has asked you to pray for him or her

Encouragement and strength for a friend or pastor/leader.


(Additional Focus on Prayer next week.)

------ #2 end