Field Discovery - Part 1

Field Discovery - Part 1


While working in a field a hired laborer uncovers a treasure. He wasn’t looking for treasure. He certainly didn’t expect to find a treasure.


But he recognized what it was immediately. The value was beyond anything he had dared dream of.


After covering the found-treasure, he hurried home, sold everything he owned and bought the field, and the treasure hidden in it.


This man stumbled onto what he knew was of extreme value.


Truth about God’s Love is abundant around us and through us.


People around us may stumble onto Truth about God: Bible reading, Nature study, exemplary life of a friend, a song, an answer to the prayer of a friend or family member.


God reveals Himself through thousands of ways each day.


The treasure is there, but is often hidden because of a lack of awareness.


God has a thousand ways of showing His love – a treasure of infinite value.


How can I become a Minister of Treasure Awareness?


My life,

my conversations,

my choices in music,

my attitude toward others,

my caring behavior toward family, friends, coworkers – everyone within my contacts from daily living.


-Continued next week-