Feed Yourself

A friend in his forties decided to become an RN. His wife continued to work while he went to classes.

After reaching his goal, he worked almost non-stop, taking care of critically-ill in their homes and in the hospital.

It seemed that he was always on-call and ready to respond.

Ten years went by.

Then I heard that he was no longer able to work.

He had worked himself into chronic illness. Complete disability followed.

He could no longer work his mission.

Then his days became a routine of eating, sitting in his chair on the deck, and taking naps.

Within a few years he quite literally had worked himself to death.

God definitely does not plan for us to work to the point of disability.


Consider Moses.

God instructed that the work-load Moses was carrying be divided among 70 elders.


Even with your mission, it is important to take time to feed yourself with the Word and with Prayer.

You cannot give what you do not have.

Mission for God requires that you be first filled, then you have, from that filling, something to share.

Schedule time for God to Fill Your Tank.