Come and See

Perhaps the simplest ministry is this one.

Many feel ill-prepared to give a Bible Study on any topic.

Many feel unable to remember all the texts on anticipated questions that may be asked.

Many fear that their past make them poorly qualified for leading others to Jesus.

Yet, the Bible gives us glimpses of people who had spent minimal time with Jesus – not even listed as a Disciple. When questioned about the possibility that Jesus might be the Messiah, the only words that came out were, “Come and see!”

The first-hand hearing and seeing of Jesus, was all they needed.

“Now I have heard Him myself and know that He is the One, the Messiah!”

Be a steady sign-holder showing the way to Jesus.

My life, your life, speaks loudly about the One we know is the Son of God.

Not everyone of your associates and friends will be bold enough to raise the question, “Do you know the way to make my life better?”

Has your walk with Jesus made your life better?

Do you live with confidence that God is leading you?

Does serving God bring you happiness?

Do you look at the future and know that God is in control?

Take up this ministry. Add this ministry to what you are already doing.

The invitation is easy to remember: “Come and see what I have found.”

Sabbath School. Church. Bible Study.

“Come and see!”