Bible Study Ministry

Bible Study Ministry


Pray that God will impress you with the Ministry that He has in mind for you.


Since you are reading this, I know that you can read.


Why not take that skill and plug it into a Ministry?



Reading the Bible through in a year is a great way to improve your mind and store God’s Word where it can’t be taken away from you.


How can you Turn That Into a Ministry?


Invite a friend or two to join you in this adventure.


It may be that you will get together over a cup of tea and take turns reading out loud. That makes it easy to talk about or ask about what you’re reading.


It may be that you get together on the phone, or FaceTime, or – Technology makes connecting easy.


The goal is to read and share with each other the Word of God. Both of you will gain strength and courage and a deeper friendship.


A Read-The-Bible-Through-In-a-Year plan is readily available.


But this ministry does not depend on completing the whole Bible in a year.


Read every-day but Meet once-a-week.


The Sabbath School Lesson could be done in a similar way – study together to prepare for Sabbath School class discussion.

(But, remember to let the teacher lead.)