Best Friends Ministry

When you first read the title of this week’s Ministry Minute, your mind probably went to a particular friend that has shared important moments of your life.


That is certainly one of the ministries we are presenting this week.

Your best friend knows of your love and care for him or her.


In Steps to Christ we learn that Jesus longs for our friendship.

The relationships that we have with our friends highlights the ways that Jesus wants to be our Best Friend.

Tell Him your cares, your sorrows, your disappointments with yourself and with others.

You can never bore Him. You can never over-burden Him with your concerns.


Jesus delights in sharing your joys. He knows exactly the part He plays in sending those joys to you.

And when you find joy in what He is doing for you, it brings joy to His heart also.


Has a friends ever told you, “Why didn’t you tell me what you were going through? I would have been here for you!”

That’s also what your Best Friend Jesus says to you – often.

Our first thought whether it is about a joy or a burden – our first thought needs to be directed to Jesus.

That’s the way that we develop skills in Best Friend Ministry.

When I experience Jesus’ friendship and care, I will want to share that with my earthly friends.

Does your best friend know of your love for Jesus?

Take the time to direct your earthly friends Upward.

Too much of the time we instead direct our energies to – worry and fretting.

Practice your Best Friends Ministry with Jesus.

longs to be the most important part of our lives.

Then share your skills with your neighbors and friends on Earth.