Be a Seashell

One of my favorite places is the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, where the waves push the water onto land.

I cannot visit the sandy shore without spending time walking along searching for shells. My head down and my camera at the ready, I walk the fringes of the waves.


There are shells also at the edge of high tide. These may be a distance away from the edges of the waves.


For a variety of reasons, empty shells are cast up onto the shore all the time.

The shapes and the colors make them attractive to the observant who take the time to see.


Not every one who visits the beach sees the abundance of shells.

Some people even consider that the shells are a nuisance and kinda hard on bare feet.


Yet, God designed the shells to serve two purposes:

protect the life that is safe inside;

offer a glimpse of the God who uses beauty to reveal Who He Is.


It is part of our duty (yes, I used that word!) -

It is part of our duty to be attractive to all who come into contact with us.

A seashell doesn’t have to proclaim, “I’m a seashell!”


Like shells we are to rightly represent the God who made us – so others will be attracted to Him.

We might hear questions like:

“Why are you always so happy?”

“Doesn’t that bother you?”


And we can cheerfully explain:

“God loves me and He has everything under control.”

“I’m happy because I focus on what God has done for me, not on the temporary things in my life.”

“I’m safe in God’s Love and Care.”

Let the beauty of that relationship attract others to Jesus.