Be A Cultivar

Cultivar of The Master Gardener

As a gardener I understand the importance of pruning.

Pruning serves one main purpose: Shaping and removing the unproductive growth of a plant so that it produces usable fruit.

Pruning hurts.

It hurts the plant, and it hurts the gardener.


But without pruning, the plant continues to be unproductive – occupying space, but not contributing to the needs of the Gardener.


Sometimes we humans need pruning of our routines and habits.

Each part of our growth

– our placement in God’s Garden

– the fruit that we produce in His garden

– needs to be under the careful eye of The Master Gardener.


Pruning is uncomfortable, but necessary so that we produce the fruit God intends for us to bear.


Unlike the plants in a garden, we need to choose to be pruned – submit ourselves to the skillful work that enables us to produce fruit for God.


Perhaps you will pray with me...

“Plant me in Your garden, oh God! Place me where I may be the most productive.

Prune me so that I produce the best fruit.

Direct me as I live for You that those who see me will recognize Your handiwork and be drawn into a place in Your garden also.”