Attendance Ministry - 2

While visiting offers benefits, the real purposes of group worship are to “strengthen and encourage one another – in the service of God.”


You may protest, “I can worship God at home just as well as at church!”

Well, maybe not.


The proper cultivation of the social elements in our nature brings us into sympathy with others and is a means of development and strength to us in the service of God.”


The visiting needs to focus on strengthening and encouraging. How?


How did God reveal Himself to you this week?”


That probably depends on 3 things:

time in the Word;

time in prayer;

time in ministry.


Cut short any of these and you may be more in need than you are prepared to share.


The Ministry of Attendance when neglected cannot be without effect.


Our hearts cease to be enlightened and aroused by their sanctifying influence, and we decline in spirituality.”